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Re-elect Francisco
Heredia for City Council

Vice Mayor Heredia is a proven fighter for the people of West Mesa.

Live in West Mesa, sign Vice Mayor Heredia online petition to get him on the ballot!!


Meet Frankie

It has truly been an honor serving as your Councilmember for District 3 in the City of Mesa. I am running to continue on enhancing our work in making this great city an even better place to live, work, and play!

For those that do not know me, I am a native Arizonan who grew up in a small rural town near the border. My parents moved to Arizona as migrant farmworkers seeking to provide a better future for myself and my siblings. This background has instilled in me not only a strong sense of gratitude and appreciation for what life has offered me, but also an unrelenting work ethic and a drive for making opportunities possible for many others. In my professional career, I have worked in the nonprofit and government sectors serving communities across Arizona and the country. In addition, I started my own small business creating jobs and putting back to our local economy to keep it growing. I am a proud Sun Devil with a Bachelor's in Political Science and Master's in Public Administration.

I am married to Carmen, an awesome community leader in her own right. We have three children that keep us busy and make our home a fun and lively place. 


Strong Neighborhoods

Mesa has a rich history of strong and vibrant neighborhoods. From day one on the council, one of my priorities was to continue to make our communities safe and prosperous. We have prioritized customer service, proactive code compliance, and community outreach efforts throughout West Mesa. With the recent park bond that was passed, our Dobson Library will be enhanced with new technology, additional space, and new facade. In addition, several parks will see new improvements over the next several




We have seen tremendous growth in the last 25 years in Mesa which puts a strain on all aspects of city services. Growth in the east side of town has rapidly needed new infrastructure to fulfill demand. In West Mesa, we have older infrastructure that needs to be maintain and/or replaced. Working with our transportation, utilities, and other departments we have prioritized aging water pipes, worn out roads, and other infrastructure items. I will continue to work with staff and stakeholders to ensure our residents can depend on city services while trying my best to lessen the burden on cost. 

public safety.png

Core Services

Public safety is one of most important services we provide and Mesa's Fire, Police, and Court's are one of the best in the country. With the passage of Question 2 in 2018 along with our continued support on the council, we are ensuring that our public safety departments have the tools and resources needed to keep our communities safe. In addition, looking at how we add public transportation options, adding innovation and sustainability options to our utilities among other Smart City initiatives to drive down cost on our resident will continue to be a main priority for me in my next term. 


Economic Development

We are taking advantage of our location and working on bringing jobs and infill development to our area. We have various initiatives happening, from working with our Asian businesses to brand a new corridor on Dobson to bringing high wage manufacturing and tech jobs, over 2,000 jobs have relocated to the area in the last 4 years and more to come. In addition, I have co-led a West Mesa Business Alliance, bringing small and large businesses, financial stakeholders, and others to discuss how we take our region of the city to the next level.



Follow Frankie on Instagram: @herediaformesa

Live in West Mesa, sign Vice Mayor Heredia online petition to get him on the ballot!
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